Straight Stitching Productions

Straight Stitching Productions was founded in 1989 by Shirley Barrie (playwright), Arlene Mantle (musician) and Lib Spry (director) to develop and produce entertaining, high quality theatre productions based on the experiences and stories of people whose lives are usually not reflected in the theatre.

The first production, Straight Stitching, about immigrant women working in the garment industry, toured public, high, and adult education schools, as well as performing in community centres and at conferences. The play won a Chalmers Award for the playwright, Shirley Barrie, and was nominated for a DORA award for Theatre for Young Audiences.

Carrying the Calf, a play about women and violence, did two tours of high schools in 1992. This play also won a Chalmers Award for the writer and the production was awarded the DORA for Outstanding Production.

In 1995, What If…? a play about accepting difference for audiences in grades 1-4 toured schools in Toronto and Ottawa.

In 1998, the Company produced Brigit Bondfast: Space Scientist, a one-woman extravaganza featuring an eccentric and loveable scientist for audiences in kindergarten to Grade 3.

Hansel and Gretel, produced in association with Geordie Theatre Productions in Montreal, in 2003 was the company’s final production.