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Cover Design: Robin ChubbThe six plays featured in this collection offer endless ways to engage students in middle grades.

Girl Who Loved Her Horses by acclaimed aboriginal playwright Drew Hayden Taylor – set on a reserve, and imaginatively affirming the importance of creativity in a world that can be hard.

Beo’s Bedroom by Ned Dickens – written in verse, this is a modern re-imagining of Beowulf, an old English poem first told over a thousand years ago.

Mella Mella by Gail Nyoka – who uses music, masks, choreography, mime and shadow puppets to bring an African folk tale to life.

Crusader of the World by Arthur Milner – a very contemporary story in which Shelley visits a third world country and discovers that she doesn’t have all the answers.

The Elfin Knight by Christine Foster – inspired by Celtic folk tales, but set in Cape Breton and first performed outside in a natural amphitheatre.

Cyberteens in Love by Matthew Decter – a leap into a very different and dark future which challenges readers to think about what it means to be human.

“This collection of six Canadian plays suitable for students in the middle grades is an excellent resource. The plays allow students to explore language and discuss issues important to their age group….Editors Shirley Barrie and Emil Sher…have done an admirable job of selecting plays that provide teachers many ways to use different methods of performance art….Highly recommended.”
For the full review.

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The following plays are available in copyscript format from :
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Beautiful Lady, Tell Me…
Brigit Bondfast: Space Scientist
Choices (radio script)
I am Marguerite
In the Midst of Death (radio script)
Jack Sheppard’s Back
Marguerite de Roberval (radio script)
Measure of the World
Queen Marie
Riders of the Sea
Straight Stitching (radio script)
Sonjo and the Thundergod
The Girl in the Flower Basket
Tripping Through Time
What If…?