Plays for Radio

In the Midst of Death
3 -15 minute episodes.
An 8 year old girl growing up in a funeral home instructs her younger sister in the fine art of living with death.
Broadcast on CBC Radio, Morningside, 1995.

Straight Stitching
5 – 15 minute episodes. Music by Arlene Mantle.
Mei Lee enthusiastically arrives as a new immigrant in Canada and begins working in a garment factory. But her problems are just beginning.
Broadcast on CBC Radio, Morningside, 1990.

Marguerite de Roberval
5 – 15 minute episodes.
Marguerite de Roberval instructs young girls in France about how to survive in society by telling them about her amazing experiences as a young woman, when, she dared to force her brother to take her on the disastrous attempt to found a French colony in Canada in 1542. Falling in love without her brother’s permission, he retaliated by abandoning her on an island in the Strait of Belle Isle where she survived for 2 !/2 years before being rescued and daring to return to France.
Broadcast on CBC Radio, Morningside, 1990

5 – 15 minute episodes.
A teenager uses her diary to find her way through the maze of a divided family, tortured friendships, and burgeoning sexuality.
Broadcast on CBC Radio, Morningside, 1988.

The Devil’s Land
10 – 15 minute episodes.
The story of the forced resettlement of the Jamaican Maroons in Nova Scotia in the 1790’s told from the point of view of Nanny, a young Maroon descended from the African regal family of Cudjoe and Naquan and her relationship with John Wentworth, the Governor of Nova Scotia.
Broadcast on CBC Radio, Morningside, 1987.

The Unofficial Guide
30 minutes.
A naive middle-aged woman goes on a holiday to Greece with her mother and meets an “unofficial guide.”
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Thirty Minute Theatre, 1986.

When Wings Have Roots
45 minutes.
A woman who has “escaped” from her claustrophobic small town, but not found happiness, returns home to Canada and develops a relationship with the coach of the high school football team. But each is using the other to avoid facing hard decisions.
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Afternoon Theatre, 1979.