Brigit Bondfast: Space Scientist

Lib Spry as Brigit Bondfast in the original productionCast: 1 f. (Audience Sr. Kindergarten to Grade 3)
One act.

Brigit Bondfast wants to go to Mars. But on this particular day it doesn’t look likely. She and her co-scientists are trying to find a way to grow food on the space shuttle and things are going very badly! She comes home to see if she can’t solve the problem there, only to find a group of eager primary school students waiting to visit her home laboratory. Unable to disappoint the children, she takes them on a wild ride of science and imagination where ladders and space ships, vinegar and chocolate cake, hula hoops and hockey sticks all come together in a physical extravaganza as Brigit works out one step in the solution to growing plants in space.

First produced by Straight Stitching Productions on tour, January, 1998. Director: Ken Chubb.

First U.S. Production by K!dSHowCo, Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo, New York, January 2000. Director Joyce Stilson.

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