Riders of the Sea

Photo: Ken Chubb - From left:  Janine Sharp, Simon Dormandy,  Carey English, Guy Holland, Hus LeventCast: 3f, 2m. (Audience aged 7 – 11) Music & Lyrics by Ian Barnett.
One act.

Billie and her brother, Wally, can’t swim because of gucky blue pollution on the beach, so they stow away on a boat, captained by Madam Muck, who, they discover, is dumping blue goo into the sea. The boat gets mysteriously pulled down to the bottom of the sea by survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis, who have adapted to life under water after destroying their world with technology centuries ago. Furious at the way their environment is being ruined yet again, they have reluctantly used their magnetic energy device to stop the boat. Billie and Wally have to convince the Atlantans that they’re not the polluters and then they have to figure out how to use the resources of the sea to get back home.

First produced by Quicksilver Theatre for Children, London, England on tour, 1982. Director: Guy Holland.

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