Shusha and the Story Snatcher

Cast: 2f, 1m. (Audience aged 4 – 7)
One act.

A participatory play about the power of collective creativity. Shusha’s bored with her doll, Shareen, and wants an adventure. She has a new adventure story she wants to share with the audience, but the Story Snatcher, who listens for stories with his huge flapping ears and smells them out with his big honking nose, snatches the book and takes it down to his underworld home. Shareen, proving to be not nearly as lifeless and boring as Shusha thinks, gets the audience to help Shusha follow the Story Snatcher and after a series of adventures they recover her book. When Shusha finally shows the audience the story, it is the illustrated tale of the adventure they’ve all just been through.

First produced by the Tricycle Theatre, London, England, 1984. Director: Joan Ann Maynard.

Also produced in Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, B.C. And in March 1998, at Solar Stage, Toronto.

Published by Encore Performance Publishing (now Eldridge Plays & Musicals), 1999.

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