Sonjo & the Thundergod and Reflections

Costume design for Yoshi by Maya IshiuraSonjo 2f, 2m, or 4f, percussionist. Can be done with 3 actors. Reflections 3f, 2m, percussionist.  Can be done with 3 actors (Audience. 4-12)
Two one acts (50 minutes).

Sonjo. When the Thundergod loses the ohesos (belly buttons) in his thunderdrum and can’t make thunder, he tries to steal Sonjo’s belly button. Sonjo and his mother trap the Thundergod in the laundry but without thunder there is no rain and the rice crop withers. Sonjo makes the connection between thunder and rain and saves the crop.

Reflections. Yoshi, a young man, despairs at the death of his beloved father. His wife, Yumiko, suggests he go on a trip to Kyoto to the shrine. In the amazing city, Yoshi buys a mirror in which he thinks he sees his father come back to life. Yumiko thinks he’s brought home a woman from Kyoto. After much confusion, the wise woman at the temple brings the warring young couple together.

First produced by Japanese Folklore Theatre Productions. School tour. May, 2003. Director: Philip Shepherd.

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