The Girl in the Flower Basket

4f, 3m, percussionist. Can be done with 3 actors. (Audience. 4-12)
45 minutes

When Sachiko’s mother gets ill, she worries about how her young daughter will cope since it is a dangerous thing for a girl to be poor and pretty and alone. The goddess Kannon advises her to place a large flower basket on Sachiko’s head. The mother does, telling her daughter that when the time is right, the basket will come off. But the flower basket seems to bring Sachiko nothing but trouble. Sachiko is driven away from their small farm, and cannot get work. No one has time for a girl who is different. But with the help of a minstrel, her own industriousness, and the love of a man who has never seen her face, she finds happiness.

First produced by Japanese Folklore Theatre Productions. School tour. May, 2006. Director: Philip Shepherd.

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