What If…?

Cast: 1f, 2m. (Audience. Sr. Kindergarten to Grade 4)
One act.

Shelley(6) always imagines the worst thing that can happen which drives her brother Tony (10) nuts. Shelley desperately wants to play miniature golf with Tony and his friends but he refuses to take her unless she spends an afternoon in an old abandoned house. Fighting her imaginary terrors, she rides her tricycle to the house where she meets a new boy, Brad, who has only one leg. Immediately making friends, Shelley and Brad figure out how he too can play mini golf but their play is interrupted by Tony who refuses to take either of them to play for real. How Shelley and Brad get him to change his mind is part of an exciting, fast-paced story in which themes of learning to accept difference, solving problems creatively, and resolving conflict are subtly interwoven.

First produced by Straight Stitching Productions on tour, January, 1995. Director: Lib Spry.

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