Measure of the World

The burning scientific issue of the mid 18th century is the exact shape of the world.   Is it like a slightly squashed orange, or a fat man with a tight belt around his middle?  Scientific dominance will go to the country who finds the solution.  So in 1736, France sends three talented but incompatible scientists to Peru on a grand expedition to measure a degree of the earth’s arc at the Equator and, secretly, to gather intelligence on Spain’s rich colony. They don’t count on one clever and determined mixed race slave, ‘gifted’ by the Governor to the leader of the expedition, but promised her freedom to spy on the French.

(Cast:  1f, 3m)

Paul Cotton, Jason Thomson and Michael Vitorovich

“Science, politics and egos collide amidst the passion of discovery and desire for freedom in Shirley Barrie’s Measure of the World, directed by Molly Thom.”  Life With More Cowbell

Michael Vitorovitch and Jessica Zepeda

“It is the drive and passion of these characters that is particularly interesting – and Vitorovich and Zepeda stand out in this regard. Careers and livelihoods are not all that’s at stake for these characters, it’s freedom – to pursue the work they love without restraint and to return home. For Florenza, it’s freedom from slavery.”  Life With More Cowbell

Produced by the Alumnae Theatre, Toronto,  as part of the first Fireworks Festival of New Works, Nov 13 – Dec 1, 2013.
Directed by Molly Thom

Photos by Dahlia Katz

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