Plays for Adults

Measure of the World
1f, 3m, two acts, Drama

Queen Marie
5f, 3m, 1child (with doubling), musician(s), two acts Musical/Comedy/Drama

Beautiful Lady, Tell Me…
5f, 7m(with doubling), musician(s), two acts Musical/Comedy/Drama

1f (28-35), 1m percussionist 25 min. Comedy/Drama

A Recipe for Christmas
1f (early 20’s) 10 min. Comedy/Drama

1f (16) 10 min. Black Comedy

Culinary Education
1f, 1m 7 min Comic Opera

1f, 1m one act A Tragicomedy of Errors

1f, 1 m 8 min Comedy

On the Edge
11 two acts Physical Theatre

I Am Marguerite
3f,2m  full length one act Drama

The Pear is Ripe
4f,5m minimum. Up to 17. two acts, Epic Drama

A Witch’s Brew
Duck Blind – 1f (14) 10 min Comedy/Drama
Possession – 1f (late 20’s) 10 min Comedy/Drama
Trial – 1f (late 30’s) 10 min Comedy/Drama
Transition – 1f (50’ish) 10 min Comedy/Drama

Straight Stitching
5f including 1 actor musician 50 min Drama with music

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